25,000 billion toman investment in Shahid Rajaei port

According to Tejarat News, Mohammad Eslami, Minister of Roads and Urban Development, at the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ports and Maritime Organization with four domestic companies and a Chinese company to invest in 2400 hectares of Shahid Rajaei port, stated about the objectives of this memorandum and investments: The goals pursued in this Memorandum of Understanding are to facilitate logistics and transform ports into third generation ports, and important steps have been taken in this direction.

He added: “By transforming Shahid Rajaei ports and other ports in the country into third generation ports, we are trying to reduce the share of the Iranian market in the cost price of goods, and at the same time, by creating economic and commercial attractions, we are trying to create competition in the country’s ports.” We are creating sustainable exports, which is being done with great efforts in Shahid Rajaei port.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development continued: “Currently, 2400 hectares of new lands have been joined to Shahid Rajaei port to create trade development plans within this port, and this is an important step that has been done by signing a memorandum with an investment of about 25,000 billion tomans.”

He enumerated investment in the coastal lands of Shahid Rajaei port in five fields of activity in the fields of container construction, establishment of zinc, lead and manganese factories, construction of home appliance production factories and establishment of a refinery.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development stated the importance of investments in the suburban lands of Shahid Rajaei to create 20,000 jobs and said: “These memorandums focus on the issue of being knowledgeable and making the activities competitive.” Some of these investments are also foreign and their main purpose is export markets, which was also emphasized in facilitating and accelerating this matter when signing the memorandum.

Noting that the necessary coordination has been established in the province for facilitation by the governor and provincial officials, Eslami added: “The implementation schedule of these investment projects is a maximum of three years, which must be completed.”

He mentioned the development of trade in other ports as another program being implemented by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and said: “The total capacity of ports is currently 280 million tons, which should reach at least twice the capacity in five years.” It is planned to increase the capacity of Makran coastal ports to 220 million tons.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development reminded: in the comprehensive plan of logistics and transportation of the country, three logistics cities, including Chabahar, Bandar Abbas and Mahshahr were approved. Thus, these three major industrial-commercial hubs, and three powerful ports, can be a source of energy and empowerment that drives investment and development forward, and builds trust so that investors can invest more and more in the country’s ports.

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