Iran is the second largest exporter of pistachios to China

According to Tejarat News, a look at the statistics of pistachio exports and production in 2020 shows that despite the trade war between the United States and China, the amount of direct exports of American pistachios to China has tripled.

The American Pistachio Growers Association (APG) in its annual report entitled “Global Pistachio Trade in 2020” provided statistics and information on the state of pistachio production and exports in the world, in detail the recent trends in pistachio trade.
The most important producers of pistachios 2020

The United States and Iran have pioneered the production of pistachios in the world, followed by Turkey and Syria. Of course, given the war situation in Syria, the statistics of this country are not very reliable.

However, countries such as Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Egypt, Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia also produce pistachios, but due to the low volume of production, most of this product is consumed within these countries.

According to USDA GAIN, the People’s Republic of China has planted about 4,000 hectares of pistachios in the Xinjiang region.

It is commonly thought that producing countries should not be importing pistachios. However, both the United States and Turkey are importing pistachios.

These countries import pistachio kernels; Because this way they can send their pistachios for export to countries like China with cheap labor and those countries do the work of pistachio kernels.
Iran increases Turkish exports

Another reason why Turkey imports pistachios at the same time is that in the past year, our country has exported most of its pistachio products to Turkey.

Although in the 2019-2020 crop year, Turkey’s production decreased by 60%, but it is interesting that the country’s exports have increased by 235% compared to last year.

This growth is in line with the increase in Iran’s exports to Turkey. In fact, the volume of 15.2 million pounds (6,894 tons) is more than the average export of Iran to Turkey over the past four years.
Important countries importing pistachios

The world’s largest pistachio import markets are Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of China, Germany and Belgium, respectively. Of course, not all of these countries import pistachios directly.

Reasons for indirect and indirect imports can be:

Strategic business goals
Product quality issues
Escape from domestic and foreign laws
The most important non-pistachio importing / exporting countries

Hong Kong is one of these countries, which is practically the largest indirect medium of pistachio transport. The largest volume of pistachios imported to this country goes to Vietnam.

Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands and Vietnam itself are among the countries that, although they do not produce pistachios, play an important role in its transportation.

According to the European Union, 28 members of the European Union imported 178 million pounds of raw pistachios (about 80,740 tons) from the United States in 2019.

Of course, the figure announced by the United States is less than 6 million pounds (about 2,721 tons).

Meanwhile, US pistachio exports to Hong Kong and China have declined over the past three years due to the US trade war with China.

This report states that from July 23, 2018 (July 1, 1397) to July 22, 2019 (July 1, 98), 294 million pounds (about 133,356 tons) were exported from Iran.

Of this volume, 22.1 million pounds (about 10,000 tons) was exported to the United Arab Emirates and 23.6 million pounds to Turkey (10,700 tons) to Turkey.

Of course, it goes without saying that these two countries have been the only intermediaries in the transfer and export of Iranian pistachios.
Triple the direct import of American pistachios to China

Although the trade war between the United States and China has prompted China to increase import tariffs on the country, the point is that American pistachios are still in demand in China.

Although Iran is the second largest exporter of pistachios to China, the shortage of this product, which existed in 2018-2019, continued last year.

Nevertheless, we saw changes in the pistachio trade and the Chinese and Hong Kong markets.

Total US pistachio exports to China (ie direct exports, not through Hong Kong) have increased by. 60.7 million (about 27,533 tonnes) compared to 2018.

Meanwhile, US exports to Hong Kong fell by 42 42 million; Thus, a larger share of US pistachios has reached China directly instead of being exported through Hong Kong.

41% of pistachios exported to China went to China in 2019, while last year only 15% of this shipment went directly to China.

Tariffs for US roasted pistachios are lower than for raw pistachios, but exports to China have fallen by 11 11.5 million.

Imports from the United States rose from میلیون 30 million to. 90.6 million, according to US export reports.

Data from Hong Kong and China also confirm the US figures.

So China was the best US pistachio market in 2019; 41Because 41% of total US pistachio exports have gone to this country.

In 2019, China’s tariff for American pistachios was 55%.

That is why Vietnam became one of the main destinations for American pistachios to be exported to China through this country with a tariff close to zero. Because Vietnam is a member of the ASEAN countries.

Of course, it goes without saying that in 2019, about 45 million pounds of pistachios were exported to Vietnam, which is a decrease of 20 million pounds compared to 65 million pounds in 2018.

This is the third year that imports have dropped significantly.
India; More imports from the US, less from Iran

Indian pistachio imports have changed dramatically over the past few years

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