Imports of 17.5 million tons of basic goods in the first 9 months of this year

According to Tejarat News, Customs Spokesman Seyed Ruhollah Latifi stated: More than 25 million tons of goods have entered the country in the first 9 months of this year, of which 70% by weight are 25 basic goods weighing 17 and a half million tons.

He added: five goods of corn, barley, oilseeds, crude oil and liquid and soybean meal imported with government currency, 12 million 296 thousand 325 tons worth 4 billion 145 million 409 thousand 440 dollars to It accounts for more than 49% of the country’s total imports and 70.5% of imports of basic goods by weight.

Latifi explained about the amount of imports of these five items: Corn with 7 million 249 thousand 306 tons worth 1 billion 779 million 205 thousand 676 dollars was not only the first subsidized commodity in the country in terms of value and weight, but also in All commodity groups in this period is the first imported commodity of the country, after corn, among the basic commodities, oilseeds with 1,846,586 tons and worth 949,756,439 dollars, semi-solid, crude and liquid oils With 756,121 tons worth 627 million 869 thousand 733 dollars, soybean meal with 1 million 103 thousand 807 tons worth 461 million 746 thousand 310 dollars and barley with 1 million 340 thousand 505 tons worth $ 326,831,282 are next, respectively.

Regarding other basic goods, the customs spokesman said: medicine, equipment and medical supplies with 1 billion 231 million 672 thousand 44 dollars, rice with 707 million 872 thousand 181 dollars, wheat with 696 million 517 thousand 186 dollars, raw sugar With 357 million and 234 thousand and 135 dollars, machines for the production of basic goods with 327 million and 278 thousand and 347 dollars, dry tea with 221 million and 187 thousand and 82 dollars, heavy tires with 206 million and 249 thousand and 654 dollars, dough Paper with 144 million 253 thousand 821 dollars, printing and writing paper with 142 million 601 thousand 869 dollars, chemical fertilizers with 123 million 783 thousand 278 dollars, beans with 111 million 369 thousand 400 dollars, heavy cold red meat With 104 million 737 thousand 670 dollars, chemical technical toxins with 58 million 438 thousand 853 dollars, essential veterinary medicines with 47 million 25 thousand 268 dollars, packing butter with 38 million 474 thousand 446 dollars, hot red meat With 28 million 611 thousand 311 dollars, newspaper with 3 million 799 thousand 640 dollars and chicken with 203 thousand 408 dollars, respectively, the rest of the group of basic goods of the country. They were in the first nine months of 1999 when they entered the country and were cleared through customs.

Latifi added in the end: the import of basic goods has decreased by 2% in terms of weight compared to the same period of the previous year. With the import of more than two million and 136 thousand and 175 tons of basic goods in December, about two hundred thousand tons compared to the monthly average and about 450 thousand tons compared to November, more basic goods have been cleared in this month.

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